02At Profuse Group, our driving force is our passion to innovate, solving problems through continual improvement in all areas of our business. We are committed to exceeding our customer expectations and providing the highest quality products and services in the solar PV industry.

At Profuse Group, we believe in:

  1. Open doors            4. Commitment                    7. Fearlessness
  2. Open minds           5. Honesty                            8. Safety
  3. Respect                 6. Accountability                   9. Environmental steward


Our Guiding Principles

At Profuse Group, our driving force is our passion to innovate, solving problems through:

  1. 1Open Doors – We encourage communication at all levels in the organization
  2. Open Minds – We give equal consideration to all ideas
  3. Respect – We treat each other with dignity and respect
  4. Commitment – We are dedicated to meeting the goals set for our company
  5. Honesty – We are truthful in all aspects of our work
  6. Accountability – We accept responsibility for our actions and our work
  7. Fearlessness – We are willing to discuss unconventional solutions to problems
  8. Safety – We want safe products and safe production
  9. Environmental Stewardship – We promote environmental preservation for future generations


Quality Management Principles

  • 2Customer Focus – At Profuse Group, we recognize customers provide us with our purpose. We strive therefore to understand the current and future needs of our customers.
  • Leadership – Profuse Group is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations by being the recognized leader in cost effective and reliable products for large-scale solar installations.
  • Involvement of People – Every member of the Profuse Group team takes responsibility for the quality, reliability and efficiency of Profuse Group products.
  • Process Approach–A desired result is achieved more efficiently when activities and related resources are managed as a process. We take a process approach in all that we do.
  • System Approach to Management – Likewise, we take a systems approach to managing processes, as the organization must operate as a whole and its processes are interrelated.
  • Continual Improvement – Continual improvement is a permanent objective of our organization, going hand-in-hand with our drive towards innovative solutions to challenges and problems.
  • Factual Approach to Decision Making – Effective decisions are based on the analysis of technical data and information. Profuse Group employs rigorous data collection and testing techniques.
  • Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships – Profuse Group works in close partnership with its suppliers, to enhance the stability of both to create value.


Focus Areas:

  • Solar Power Plant Works

    •  Best Radiation Land Identification,Geo -Tech Survey & Contour Survey.
    • Leveling and grading of the land.
    • Pile Foundation works for Fixed and Tracking Systems.
    • MMS Structure & Module erection works.
    • Plant boundary fencing & Precast boundary wall Construction.
    • Construction of Inverter & Control Rooms.
    • Transformer Plinth & Water, Oil Sumps Construction.
    • DC cabling works.
    • Earthing Works.
    • HT cabling works.
    • Inverter & Transformers installation.
    • NABL Testing for CTs, PTs & ABT meters.
    • Plant end Metering yard works.
    • Bay extension at Substation end and Transmission line works.
  • Consultancy Services

    • Liasioning services for Solar PV & Wind power plants (From Feasibility to CoD)
    • Designing services for solar PV Plants.
    • Arranging of land pooling for Solar PV Plants.


  • Industrial Works

    • 132/33KV, 110/11KV, 33/11KV Substations & Transmission line works.
    • Substation end bay extension & plant end metering yard works for Industries.
    • Medium Voltage (MV) & Low Voltage (LV) switch gear installation & commissioning works.